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1. What is Consciousness?

I have come across a book in the public library today. The title of this book is “Neuroscience”.

A chapter named “SLEEP” – How to explain sleep?

The Cognitive Neuroscience of Sleep: Neuronal Systems, Consciousness and Learning
J. Allan Hobson and Edward F. Pace-Schott
Available at

Listen to the Sounds of Silent. The God is whispering.
Notice: Not all vowels are Japanese.

Philosophy talking about “consciousness” is HISTORY.
Communication ended with academic subjects.

2. How to Use Quotations? - An Online Bible - A Search Engine

What makes you a philosopher?
Philosophy must be REAL (practical).

Quotations make you weak. Columnists can do.
A philosopher needs a MAIN THEME.

3. How to Glorify the God? – An Online Catholic Encyclopaedia

Thanks God. Not admires. But Advices.

Without the Earth. Nowhere else.
Nowadays, we have almost every material on web.
Religions are plural. The God is one. We have the heaven on the Earth.
Planets are in the same level. Nowhere else.

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4. Are Languages still Barriers?

As I used to say, "Globalization is the final stage of the evolution of our planet Earth."
Please be noted that it is my personal opinion. It has no relationships with my scientific hypothesis. - An Outstanding Chinese Dictionary - An Ordinary Translator

Spell Check in MS-word can help.
Discussions are brainstorms. Online forums are platforms in reality.

5. When is my first article being published?

Similarities in-between Planets and Lives (or Similarities of Lives): Presence of God or Conscious Earth? Published on 29 Jun 2009 12:26 pm
Available at

It is the very first start of my online publications and the ONLY thing important in this article is that I have put forward the idea "The God is actually the Conscious Earth".

Abstracts from this thread Your Majesty in My academic portfolio
"Philosophy does not end with me, but you."
"The war will not be destroyed by me, but lies."
"'Asking the questions that you once asked me.' "
"I have told you."
"We have nowhere to go. We have no back doors."
"If the earth is dead, so will we."
"Listen to my words. We will have decisions on our fates."
"Destiny has bought me here."
"I am going to carry on."

6. Why not Gaia Hypothesis?

The Age of Gaia
James Loveslock
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First, the Conscious Earth is a supreme being without violating any natural rule. Consciousness relies on the physical presence. Compare the Earth with a plant cell. The life cycles of the Earth lay on the atmosphere and hydrosphere (cytoplasm). The biosphere carries out the life cycles.

Second, lives are lives in different levels. Evolution of the planet herself. CELL DIVISIONS of the mother cell give birth to the lower levels.

Third, my scientific hypothesis Lives in Different Levels is an universal theory that covered with philosophy, religion and science. Consciousness can be explained by neuroscience. The cohesiveness of Lives in Different Levels and philosophy laid on the physical presence. Differences in our presence (including the God) have created various religions. The coexistence in-between the God and us is solid under my hypothesis.

My Personal Views: PRAY? Thanks God. By advices. Not admires. She is our Mother-in-common. GRACE? She gives birth and takes care all of us. Don't take everything for granted. She may not be doing very well. Do not blame on her because 1. Our population is too large; 2. Everyone has his/her own desires; 3. Our families and places of birth are random; 4. We consume much more than other animals; 5. At the very beginning, she may want to be our friends because we are intelligent - she waits us for long since evolution takes time.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE can only be granted by the God. Selfishness embedded in our genes. Selfishness of a planet herself is contrary to individuals'. Eternal the God, and with her end, brings us ours. History inside a single planet. As I used to say, "Conflicts in Heart. Wars in History."

ORIGINAL SIN never exists because we are inside her life cycles. Indivisibility between the God and each individual. Nobody was intended to born. We are being blessed.

SOUL IS A COMFORT. It does not work without memory. Alzheimer's disease (AD/SDAT) is a problem of our brains, which can be explained by science.

My Personal Views: Thanks God. Not admires. But Advices.

Live in different levels gives us a wider horizon in our universe.
The Origin of Lives is a-live.

To See Full Illustrations. Check them out:

Lún Yǔ

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Multi-Lingual Website of Confucius Publishing:

How Many Decades Left?
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The universe is the “mother cell”.

Then reproduction (cell divisions) occurred.

The Earth (planets / daughter cells) was born (with a cellular structure).

Her life cycles lay on the biosphere in the atmosphere and hydrosphere (cytoplasm).


It has fully explained the situations below.

(1) Theory of Evolution = A Process of Growth of Our Planet Earth
(2) Start of Religions = Differences in-between Our Presences – The God (Conscious Earth) and the Humankind
(3) Presence of Water in Our Only Natural Satellite = An Insurance Policy
(4) Presence of the Ozonosphere = A Self-protection Mechanism
(5) Occurrence of Desertification = Aging

Above all, natural rules are rules of everything.
For details, you have to read through all my online publications – esp. those published on or after 1 Sep 2009.

(1) Absence of living organisms in planets nearby is a non-competition policy.
The planets nearby have their life cycles (i.e. Biosphere — under my scientific hypothesis) ended.
(2) Bacteria exist in every organism. Therefore, it cannot be an offense against my scientific hypothesis.
Our natural role is the "life cycle" of this planet. Distances keep us away from other forms of living.

Research is still in progress.
It is hard to find out the origin of our universe because nobody ever thinks of it in such a new direction, which comes across almost every subject. It has to become theory (to be in textbook) in order to CHANGE the directions in every academic disciplines.

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Science is not good only if you cannot think of it.

Layered (cellular) structure of the Earth is cohesive instead of separated.
Volcanic activities (i.e. Crust) cannot produce our atmosphere (even gravity holds the "cell").
It must come from the outer space.

However, no living organisms can enter the atmosphere from the outer space.
Meanwhile, no cells can survive in the outer space OUTSIDE of the atmosphere.
Then, the so-called “first cell” must enter the Earth AFTER the formation of atmosphere.


In this case, the interconnection between the space and the Earth is solid.
The Earth must contain the "first cell" in the very beginning.
Our planet Earth must contain "first cell" when she was born.

In another word, the Earth must be a biological entity.
Otherwise, no living organisms can be found on the Earth.
No living organisms can be reproduced without another one (or the initial one).

Others may argue that the above only prove that the Earth must have “first cell” in the very beginning. It does not necessarily mean that Lives in Different Levels works. Natural rules cannot be violated because it comes from birth. For instance, women give birth instead of men (without interruptions of modern technology). You may argue that this depends on DNA or somehow other scientific terms. However, the source of such a so-called “natural” mechanism must come from “birth”. A common blind spot (or imagination) is that there must be a designer to start all these (natural mechanism). However, the origin of lives can be a living thing herself. Natural rules are inviolable because the one whom start all these is a “mother cell” (or the Supreme Being) that gives birth to all of us by cell divisions. The universe is exactly the “mother cell” whilst the Earth and other planets are the “daughter cells”. Lives have hierarchies. The daughter cell then carries out the natural process of growth i.e. Evolution. This is a completely new concept based on the fact – the “first cell” must be the Earth. Cell divisions can be internal.

Some may argue that, “the first cell is not the Earth but a single cell inside the Earth in the very beginning”. Then, who put it inside the Earth in the very beginning? As a result, Lives in Different Levels is a universal hypothesis that fully explained the origin of lives. Other beliefs are unscientific. The origin of lives on this planet is our mother cell i.e. the Earth.

Then, desertification cannot be reverted (Oasis is an independent system - See “cold-island effects”). By applying the hypothesis Lives in Different Levels onto the Earth, desertification is a process of aging (DECAYING). The aging process started prehistorically (probably Africa - by referring to the ancient Egypt). Time is running short. As I mentioned earlier, supplies of clean water and food will probably run out before it has accomplished.

REGENERATIONS of the Earth lay on the Biosphere. The Earth can sustain for billion years because of a balanced "life cycle" without any human interruptions. Major disposal methods nowadays (e.g. landfill, reclamation and incineration) are turning our Biosphere into non-renewable materials (e.g. air pollutants). Land wastes are buried underground until the day they have finally become fossil fuels. Decomposition is not the case. They are already out of the life cycle of the Earth. Therefore, the past belief that "the regeneration of the Earth is infinite" is wrong.

Humankind is too arrogant. We are only the life cycles of the Earth. Desertification is the real killer.

My Personal Views: The God – the Conscious Earth, with support by scientific/rational reasoning – does not intend to do so. The world has changed too rapidly in last two hundred years. Population growth (contributed by both natural growth and aging population – longer life span) and urbanization become the dominant forces because of technological advancements. Consumerism has resulted in low-tech productions in the last century (as well as the under developing countries nowadays). Such kind of productions has already destroyed the life cycle – the Biosphere – of our planet Earth. Modern environmental friendly technology cannot spread worldwide because of economic interests. Poor countries cannot get the resources even they have the money donations. Political boundaries have divided us. Furthermore, liberal governments failed to develop and enforce long-term strategies to settle international problems. In order to gain popularity, politicians have no alternatives but to put all their efforts on social problems (unemployment etc.). Our world has become too complicated. She (the God / the Conscious Earth / our “Mother-in-common”) has already lost the control of our world (in a boarder sense) because of our POPULATION. Religions are heritages from both the God and our ancestor because of the differences in presence. In a large extent, establishment of religions is the way to civilize the humankind in the past. They aim at preaching LOVE and CHAIRTY of the God. By rearing us from our birth until death (even she may dislike some of us – be noted that she is omniscient), they are also her NATURES. (Chinese may know that she keen on spreading the ideas of LOVE, HOPE and TRUTH. "Religions are plural, but the God is one." My hypothesis Lives in Different Levels shows us the presence of a supreme being – the Conscious Earth – without violating natural rules. Natural rules are rules of everything.) The Earth is a biological entity. In another word, she is a higher form of lives (i.e. a living thing). Indeed, the God has her limits (e.g. time is linear). Although everyone has his/her own wishes, resources are limited. Last but not least, a large-scaled reform that I have expected after publishing Sounds-of-Silent (SOS) is too late. I heard someone, "Sorry. It's already late."

What is the role of Lives in Different Levels in our future?

1. Space migrations are impossible. The surrounding planets have their “life cycles” ended. Death is an inevitable cost for every living thing. It is the same case for planets, which are in a higher level of lives, even though our presences are different. We have no choices but to put our focus back onto our planet Earth.

2. Every living thing must experience the natural process of birth, growth and death. By referring to my hypothesis, the Earth must be a biological entity. Desertification is actually a process of aging (decaying). By applying onto a higher level of lives (i.e. our planet Earth), evolution is a process of growth of the planet herself. A (total) extinction, which represents the end of the Biosphere, is equivalent to death. Although lives have hierarchies, we share some common characteristics. It is applicable on every species.

3. Introduction of birth control policy is welcome. Meanwhile, we have to stop the urban expansions. Human settlements have replaced grasslands with cements and pipelines. Shortage of clean water and food supplies is foreseeable within this century. Increases in the world population boost our consumptions. It has created a vicious cycle in the global system. Productions take up lots of resources and generate heat & wastes. Temperature rises. Rivers are diminishing. Farmlands become dry and barren (loss of nutrients) because of over-cultivations. As I mentioned above, the regenerations of the Earth are carried out in the Biosphere. My scientific hypothesis Lives in Different Levels shows how SERIOUS the current situations are. Besides, every living thing is ending towards death as soon as it was born. As a result, this hypothesis will eventually become a dominant pushing force in the future. We have to gather all human efforts to stop her process of aging. Besides, this hypothesis is a pre-warning. People usually do not aware of the DANGER until a large-scale incident has occurred.

The truth is depressing. Accept it by rationality. I am going to give it up because it shows only a desperate truth that our family (looking upon our planet Earth as a unity) is dying without a single way out.

After thinking for a while, I have to continue this research because of the reasons below.

Although death is an inevitable cost for living (the risk of our extinction – under my hypothesis, it refers to the end of the “life cycles” of our planet Earth), (1) the public still has the right to know the truth. By realizing how serious the current situation is, we can take precautions (e.g. rigid policies and compulsory application of related environmental friendly technology). Furthermore, (2) the debates on legalizing abortion may end because lives of different levels shows us the harsh reality that we have nowhere to go except the Earth. The world population has already exceeded the limit (See the UN report). At the same time, (3) this hypothesis has the potential to change the directions of science. Therefore, we can put most of our efforts on saving our ecology. Technology is not solution of everything. Time is running short. Poultries feed on corns. Farmlands become barren because of cultivations. We are running out of resources because of over-population, over-consumption and over-production. Meanwhile, production releases heat and wastes. Increases in temperature (i.e. Global Warming) affect the supply of our drinking water. Religions are not everything. With compare to the AGE of our planet Earth, our history only lasts for few thousand years. Our world is always changing. For what we pray in our well decorated churches while our family members (looking the Earth as a unity) are dying in rural areas (under-developing countries). Our planet Earth is too small for divisions. When teeth are dying, the day for the lips will not be far. It is foreseeable that the urban population cannot escape from this day within this century (or in the coming one).

Life has a start. There must be an end.

Below are added on 20 Dec 2009 (UCT+8 20:06).
Birth (Let there be light. Night.), Growth (Evolution and Rise of our civilizations) and Death (Extinctions).
Finally, I have written all I know. Believe it or not?

I replied "If it is the end, I will be with you. Nowhere else. We have no backdoors."

"Everyone will. No one else."
"It is too late, NASA."
"No. We have technology."
"Time will show. History tells because time is running short."
"You're little nobody."
"Yes. I know more than you do because I believe what she told."
"All written?"
"Yes. All I know."
"Will you pay a part in the end?"
"Now. In this moment, I am speaking to you, presidents."
"By the will of the God. By my common sense. By my neutrality."
"Who you lead?"
"No one. I am only a story-teller."

"Teller of the truth."

"We leave you to decide."
"Where? When? How? Don't ask too much. He will not answer."
"Sounds can be silent. Silent cannot be silence. Silence is a light."
"Let there be light."
"Whenever there is a light, one day it off. Like a gentle blow."
"Will you be my son?"
"Yes. From the time I was born."
"When will you leave?"
"I 'live' with you."

If vowels can speak, sounds can be silent.
If vowels do mean, never ask me about them.
If vowels are voices, let prayers listen to her words.

"Truth. True-hearted. A random on the Earth."
" Yet, the end is coming."
"Because of whom?"
"We. We leave you to decide. I am only a story-teller, not a god's speaker."

By the will of the God, let the truth spread. Science is everything because natural rules are rules of everything.
Lies must kill. Truth may save.

I heard someone "JENSUS is not my only son. All of you are my children."
(See my artwork – Your Majesty)

One may ask, "Where will you be?"
"Nobody. Anywhere."
"How about us?"
"Pray to your heart. She hears, as always."

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Question: The idea of the Conscious Earth was easy to spot, why it is Teru Wong?

Nobody ever illustrated the world like this before: Lives are lives in different levels. Lives are everything in the universe. The Earth is conscious. The physical presence of the God is the Earth. The God is actually a conscious living being (a supreme being) without violating natural rules.

Nobody ever did that before!

Why me? Why Teru Wong?

Because I suffered from Schizophrenia and my only symptom is ear hallucination. This made me think about the position and presence of human beings in this universe. The voices come from the God. She abuses the ability to communicate with us. That is the truth behind all myths.

Schizophrenia reveals the presence of the God!

I truly believe that if there is something you really afraid of , try to conquer it. If your fears come from an unknown source, try to identify and explain it. Once you successfully explained it and you really believe in its causes, try to preach it. Let others know. Let them be enlightened. That is the origin of all these website and records you can found in search engines. This is what I truly believe in -- the truth behind all myths -- a Conscious Earth. You can reach me at any time. I have my online presence through search engines.

My scientific hypothesis "Lives in Different Levels" is still a missing puzzle in academia.